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Jeff Nielson is the writer/editor of Bullion Bulls Canada. He came to the precious metals sector as an investor in the middle of last decade, and quickly decided this was where he wanted to focus his career. Jeff's background includes four years of Economics at the University of British Columbia, before he went on to earn his law degree from that same institution.

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Destruction of Spain’s Economy Duplicates Greece

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Originally appeared at http://www.bullionbullscanada.com/intl-commentary/25310-destruction-of-spains-economy-duplicates-greece

More than two years ago I began warning readers of the most heinous acts of fraud ever perpetrated by the Western banking crime syndicate, which I dubbed “economic terrorism”. These swindles involved nothing less than the destruction of entire European economies, solely so that the banksters could profit on approximately $100 trillion in bets they had placed on the debts of these economies.

The mechanics of this economic rape have been explained many times in the past.  First of all the bankers duped governments and institutions all over the Western world into placing trillions of dollars (and/or euros) in bets that interest rates were about to soar higher – just before they crashed interest rates to the lowest levels in history. This swindle is known as “interest rate swaps”.

The second (and even more destructive) form of fraud perpetrated against these governments didn’t even require their participation – merely their naïve acquiescence. The bankers began placing huge bets (totaling at least $60 trillion) that these nations would default, and then had the audacity to call these bets “insurance” (credit default swaps). Note that such “insurance” had been banned in the U.S. for more than half a century – based upon anti-gambling statutes.

Here is the question which these banksters would never answer: how does a third party placing bets on whether someone’s home would burn down provide any “insurance” to the owner of the home? The answer of course is that it doesn’t. What it did do, however, was to create a $60 trillion motive for “arson”.

This is precisely what we have we have seen. After the banksters (primarily based in Wall Street) got assorted chumps to take the wrong side of this $60 trillion, unregulated mountain of bets – betting that these Euro governments would not default – they then began to systematically burn-down the economies of Europe one by one.

I have explained this process several times in the past already, so those readers new to this will have to refer to my previous work. In a nutshell, the Wall Street terrorists can manipulate the interest rates of these nations to (literally) any number they choose via the fraudulent manipulation of the credit default swaps market. I warned readers that this made Greek default inevitable, since if interest rates can be manipulated to any level then any nation can be bankrupted on its debt.

This is exactly what took place with the destruction of Greece’s economy. Each time that Greece’s government served the bankers by announcing a new round of “austerity”, the terrorists would immediately drive-up the interest rates on Greece’s debt so much higher that every dollar of budget-cutting was consumed in higher interest payments…plus a little bit more.

The result was that instead of austerity improving the solvency of Greece’s economy, the Wall Street terrorists always ensured that its economy was worse off after each new round of budget cuts – immediately creating even more pressure for even more austerity. It was nothing but a totally masochistic vicious circle. At one point the banksters had manipulated Greek interest rates more than 50 times higher than those of the U.S. – despite the fact that (as I have explained previously) the U.S. economy is even more fundamentally insolvent than that of Greece.

Now the terrorists have targeted Spain.

What we see taking place in Spain today is an exact, carbon-copy of what we saw in Greece. On the one hand, we have a traitor-government willingly imposing round after round of Friedman Austerity on its own people – despite the utter futility of such sadistic budget-cutting. On the other hand we have the banking crime syndicate (with the gleeful assistance of Big Media) relentlessly driving interest rates on Spain’s debt ever higher, clawing back every penny of that austerity in interest payments to the Bond Parasites.

Said Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy:

Spain is facing an economic situation of extreme difficulty, I repeat of extreme difficulty, and anyone who doesn’t understand that is fooling themselves…the alternative is infinitely worse.”

Congratulations Chicken Little! Rajoy succeeded in convincing his people that the sky is falling. Unfortunately, what he forgot to tell them was that the budget-cuts he’s imposing have absolutely zero chance of improving things for his own people, while only engorging the Bond Parasites. Already Spain’s government is budgeting €29 billion this year for interest payments alone, roughly 30% more than one year ago – while imposing savage budget-cuts on his own people.

At the same time, Rajoy then increased upward pressure on the country’s budget deficit by announcing “amnesty” for the nation’s tax-cheats. Milton Friedman must be smiling from Hell. The wealthy get the “carrot” in Spanish austerity, while the Little People get only the “stick” – exactly as occurred in Greece. Even worse, having granted amnesty to tax-cheats once, this creates massive incentive/reward for future tax evasion – guaranteeing that government tax revenues will plummet lower, and the deficit will soar higher.

As for Rajoy’s threat/warning to his own people that “the alternative is infinitely worse”, Spain’s official (i.e. phony) unemployment rate has already reached 24%, even higher than in Greece and the highest in Europe – while he rewards tax-cheats and whacks his own people with more than €27 billion in new budget-cuts. I would suggest that nothing could be infinitely worse than that.

Meanwhile (exactly as occurred in Greece), immediately after this new “austerity” is announced, Bloomberg and the Wall Street terrorists are busily at work manipulating Spain’s interest rates much, much higher – their reward for the budget cuts just announced by their amigo, Rajoy.

Here is Bloomberg’s salvo just for today:

Spanish borrowing costs have been going up since Rajoy announced on March 2 that his government wouldn’t comply with the deficit target the previous administration had set with the European Union…The country hasn’t met the EU’s 3 percent [of GDP] deficit ceiling  since 2007, and the government forecasts debt to reach 79.8 percent of GDP, the highest in more than three decades.

What the propagandists of Bloomberg fail to include in their “analysis” (for context) is the fact that the U.S. is currently running budget deficits equal to roughly 10% of GDP. And its $14+ trillion national debt is already 100% of GDP. Yet we have Bloomberg explaining to its readers “why” Spain’s interest rates should continue going higher – even though they are already several multiples of U.S. interest rates.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg  (and the bankers themselves) considers it totally appropriate for interest rates on U.S. debt to be at the lowest levels in history, despite the U.S. having the largest deficits and debts in the history of the world (even without including the $100+ trillion in “unfunded liabilities”) which it excludes from any/all official calculations.

Obviously when the biggest sovereign deadbeat in the history of the world enjoys the lowest interest rates on its own debt in history (see Maximum Fraud in U.S. Treasuries Market”), while lesser debtors see their own interest rates (and interest payments) ratcheted-up inexorably higher this is empirical proof of the fraudulent manipulation of our debt-markets – wholly deserving of the label “economic terrorism”.

If it isn’t bad enough already that individual European governments are willingly facilitating the economic rape of their own nations, we see/hear increasing talk of these traitor-governments creating a “Euro bond”: one bond for all of Europe, and thus one debt market for all of Europe. Should the bankers be able to persuade (and/or blackmail) their political lackeys into embarking upon this act of collective, economic suicide; the Wall Street terrorists would then be able to do simultaneously (to all of Europe) what they currently have to perpetrate against these nations one at a time.

While obviously it is primarily the peoples of Europe who should be demanding the immediate, unilateral repudiation of all credit default swap contracts relating to their own markets, we see absolutely no indications of awareness among their own populations about what is really taking place. Consequently, people in North America should also be very, very concerned – and actively lobbying to remove the political stooges who permit such crimes-against-humanity.

For the question we should all be asking ourselves is this: once the Wall Street terrorists have finished laying waste to the economies of their friends in Europe, whose debt markets do you think they are going to destroy next?

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  1. Well, I think it is pretty well known (but not spoken in polite conversations) that the “value” of US debt is certainly not based on FUNDAMENTALS… rather something about gunboats…

    What do you think the European countries should do, say, after repudiating the odious debt? Ditch the Euro?

  2. Buying insurance on someone else’s house is not analogous with CDS’s which is hedging. You do not have any interest on your neibhors house.

    Also the difference between the US and Spain is that the interest rates on sovereign bonds are lower in the US as the US can print its way out. (Or so it thinks.) But the Spaniards can not print Euro’s. You must explain that as well.

    Yes the bankers and bond vultures play these games. What Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal should do is pull an Iceland style total default and punish the bondholders and at the same time burn the politicians traitors in the main square. That wil be sweet justice for them.

    Here you have it people it’s your choice. Voting no longer works. The reason I am free today is because others fought before. It is time for us to fight again for our children’s freedom. Vamos

  3. Dimi,
    You don’t have to have any interest in a countries bonds to have a CDS against their performance. You may be using it as a hedge against a totally different bet…just sayin

  4. “economics terrorism” —- brilliant
    pretty informative ……
    i read this article before
    that gave kind of like an overall approach.
    Im definitely sharing yours
    Jusine 🙂

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    However it’s absurd to suggest that the parties buying these CDS contracts are “hedging legitimate interests”.

    First of all the QUANTITY of CDS contracts (somewhere in excess of $60 TRILLION) totally repudiates that premise. Obviously you can’t have “hedging” which exceeds (by several multiples) the market which you are supposedly hedging.

    As for using these contracts as INDIRECT forms of hedging, we now SEE the harm that can be caused by such CARELESS and EXTREME gambling – and WHY credit default swaps were BANNED for the better part of a century.

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