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The Spin on Cyprus Gold Sale Rumor Is “Back Asswards”

The media is woefully misinformed (or maliciously misinforming you) about the “Cyprus gold sale.” Here’s the real story.

21Apr2013 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Something Bernanke is Neglecting To Mention When He Disses A “Gold Standard”

Bernanke isn’t arguing against the monetary usage of gold on some sort of general economic basis. He’s arguing that you shouldn’t have access to gold in the sense of providing the same sort of monetary stability that central banks and nations still, today, hold it for.

22Mar2012 | | 15 comments | Continued
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Exposing Silver Mythology, Part II

Judging by its own words, the CFTC apparently sees no need to actively “regulate” the silver market until silver inventories hit zero – and the entire market implodes. At best this can be described as “willful blindness”, and calls into question the presumption that this official regulator of the silver market has been acting in good faith.

6Feb2012 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Is The Gold Bull “For Real?”

For those not following closely, gold just put in its 11th consecutive yearly price increase, with an approximately 14% rise on the calendar year… but you probably haven’t heard of it. In fact, you probably think that “gold is going down”, based on what you’ve heard in the media recently (if not continuously for the past 5 years or so). An interesting question then remains: why has this disconnect occurred?

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The “Sovereign Debt Standard”

Sovereign debt is thought to be safe because, as we all know, nations always pay their debts. While individual nations go bankrupt from time to time, we maintain our faith in sovereign debt because the majority of nations don’t. But what happens if several nations go bankrupt in a very short span of time?

16Nov2011 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The New Bankster ‘Weapon’ Against Gold/Silver

As we begin “the fourth phase” of this bull market for precious metals, the bullion banks, in clearly recognizing that they are now “fighting a losing battle”, have now resorted to a new tactic (or “weapon”) to attempt to forestall their defeat as long as possible: extreme volatility.

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Walker’s “Dying Economy” Resurrects Dead Argument

“It’s the monetary system, stupid” — not computers, eliminating employment opportunities.

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New Rules For Western Banks, Same Hypocrisy

The “extra capital” which (some) U.S. banks will be forced to implement over a period of seven years under the new “Basel II” accord would all be 100% consumed (plus much more) if U.S. housing prices fall even 1% more

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The Price-Myth Regarding U.S. Foreclosures

“… when propaganda outlets like Realty Trac write that “the average discount for REO [bank-owned] properties is 35%”, this is a complete myth. The reality (when we reverse the arithmetic) is that the average non-foreclosed home in the U.S. is being priced at a 50% premium above the real price… The only way that someone could argue that these foreclosure prices are merely “temporary anomalies” rather than the future of the U.S. housing market was if there was some end in sight to these millions of foreclosures. There isn’t.”

26May2011 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Odious Debt… Apologetics

“Let me be clear: I don’t like odious debt, debt peonage and Draconian austerity any more than Brown does — especially when there are vast areas of waste and graft that could be cut to balance the budget instead. But it’s irresponsible to argue that “deficits don’t matter” in order to justify cutting nothing. We need an honest focus on the key areas that could (and SHOULD) be cut and do the least real damage to the domestic economy, so that people can start agitating for that course of action. All these innumerate fiscal apologetics from “progressives” do is provide cover for the military and banking looters at the public trough.”

27Apr2011 | | 2 comments | Continued