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U.S. Faces Much Worse ‘Japanization’

An amount of liquidity equivalent to roughly ¼ of the entire global economy has been pumped into Wall Street to prevent the banksters’ fraud-saturated bubbles from deflating. To refer to this as a “post-bubble economy” is like referring to the nation of Japan as being “post-Fukushima” the day after the first meltdown.

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Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part IV

The ultimate goal of these ruling Oligarchs is nothing less than the full, economic integration of Europe. Not only would this bind every European citizen to the debts of all the individual Euro states, but once full economic integration had been achieved then Europe’s wealth could be plundered as a single entity – much more efficient than their current nation-by-nation looting.

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Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part III

In this installment I will focus on the second strategy for completing the looting of Europe. It is a mere two-word phrase, and arguably the most-odious two-word combination in the realm of 21st century economics: “loss guarantees”. It is the ultimate form of “welfare” for both the banker Oligarchs and the bond parasites

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NRO Admits, Tries To Minimize Gov. Gary Johnson’s Job-Creation Dominance

by Aaron Krowne Founder, The Implode-o-Meter The NRO yesterday published a little blurb on the job-creation creds of GOP presidential candidates. The winner? Gary Johnson of New Mexico, with an 11.6% job creation rate. The next-closest isn’t even close (it’s Huntsman with 5.9%). What do to in the face of such a trouncing by a […]

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