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Proof of U.S. Greater Depression

The statistical charlatans at work for the U.S. government can pretend there is positive GDP growth. They can pretend there is positive jobs growth. But they cannot pretend to consume energy.

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Market Correlation Data Proves Fed Inflation Paradigm Is Bunk

Correlation data between oil and the stock market suggests the Fed’s inflation and recession-fighting paradigm is bunk. The Fed is wearing blinders, and looks set to run the economy into a ditch because of it.

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Watch Gold/Silver/Oil Price Ratios

In this piece, I will explain to people how staying on top of the price ratios between gold and oil, silver and oil, and silver and gold will allow us to make much better buying/selling decisions on the gold and silver miners, as well as making more optimal decisions in allocating our bullion dollars between gold and silver.

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Buy A House With Silver

While we wait for our interest rates (and eventually our housing markets) to return to sanity, the obvious step for future-buyers to take today is to buy silver – to reduce the price they ultimately pay for a house to a small fraction of current prices… The more general point which I do wish to argue here is the necessity to look for new ways to express prices which are not dependent on/connected to the worthless paper currencies of Western bankers.

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Dinosaurs, Dodo Birds, Wooly Mammoths, and Free Markets

Connecting the dots of recent revelations of the Fed’s market manipulations jointly with the money center banks amidst the bailouts, as well as the public oil market manipulation, with evidence of long-running gold and silver markets manipulations and interest rate manipulation through derivatives.

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Bankers Declare War on Commodities

The only rational response to the plunge in the price of oil for other commodities markets would have been for them all to rally sharply. The fact that commodities did not rally (but in fact moved sharply lower) indicates that it is in fact the bankers who were behind this assault on the oil market. This can be demonstrated in more than one way.

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The False-Flag Attacks on ‘Speculators’

The media attacks on “speculators” continue unabated. The goal: to demonize commodities-investors in the eyes of the deluded masses, to punish then with malicious regulatory actions (like that perpetrated by the CME Group in both the silver and oil markets), and ultimately to try to bully these people into letting go of their (safe) commodities – and returning to banker-paper, where the bankers can then continue their relentless stealing-through-money-printing.

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Amaranth Kill Shot: Collateral Damage in a 78-Trillion Dollar Derivatives Book Compliments of J.P. Morgan Chase

You see folks, when you are printing money like a banshee and telling the world that inflation is running at 2 % – you don’t want interlopers with deep pockets – like Amaranth – bidding the price of strategic commodities like natural gas – UP.

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The purpose of this article is to draw particular attention to the recent disparity in crude oil prices – namely the difference between two benchmarks – West Texas Intermediate [WTI] and Brent [North Sea] Crude. Historically the price of WTI trades at a premium to lesser quality Brent North Sea Crude. This paper lays out […]

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