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Chase’s Predatory Credit Card Behavior Shows How Consumer Ire Is Deserved

A recent anecdote involving Chase has shows how the big banks really have little call to be surprised when consumers generally hate them. This goes far beyond fees: there is just the general sense that all customers are mere “potential marks” for predatory behavior…

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Is it possible to refinance with a lien on your home?

Is it possible to refinance with a lien on your home? While this is a trying situation, all is not lost.

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Tune In, Turn On, Cash Out (Of The Dollar Economy) With Gold & Silver Legal Tender Commerce

by Aaron Krowne Founder, Tumultuous Times Many people are, these days, becoming aware that there is a problem with the dollar.  As well documented on this site in the past few years, our economy (both domestic and global) has been hit by wave after wave of financial crisis, panic, market declines (even in supposedly […]

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Freddie Mac Ends Streamline Refi Come Spring

The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), more known as Freddie Mac, will no longer offer its streamlined mortgage refinancing option this coming spring, the lender recently announced… Borrowers can still get the same benefits of the streamlined refinance mortgages through the Relief Refinance option, Freddie Mac’s take on the government-supported Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) introduced in February 2009. The HARP is among the programs supported by the umbrella program, Making Home Affordable.

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