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Jeff Nielson is the writer/editor of Bullion Bulls Canada. He came to the precious metals sector as an investor in the middle of last decade, and quickly decided this was where he wanted to focus his career. Jeff's background includes four years of Economics at the University of British Columbia, before he went on to earn his law degree from that same institution.

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The False-Flag Attacks on ‘Speculators’

[Original article can be seen at bullionbullscanada.com:  The False-Flag Attacks on ‘Speculators’]

We are being bombarded with an unprecedented amount of propaganda from the mainstream media today, on a daily basis. Yet with so much objectionable material to choose from, I would argue that none of this propaganda is as odious or malevolent as the relentless attacks by media talking-heads against “speculators”.

According to media mythology, virtually all of our problems in markets today are being caused by speculators. Oil (and gasoline) prices are too high? Blame the speculators. Silver inventories are totally gone? Blame the speculators. Food-riots are taking place in more and more developing economies. Blame the speculators.

About the only thing that can be said unequivocally about this propaganda is that “speculators” bear 0% of the responsibility for any of these problems. If this is so, then why such a venomous propaganda-campaign against these scapegoats by the media? Simple. Because the mainstream media has been instructed to conceal the real cause of the significant stresses and imbalances which exist today in virtually every sub-sector of the commodities complex: the insane, destructive money-printing of the Federal Reserve, and its 0% interest rates.

There can be no possible argument here, as the evidence is overwhelming: the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve are destroying savers.

1)      The reckless money-printing of the Federal Reserve (and European Union, and Japan) is not merely the “cause of inflation”, it is inflation. The actual, original definition of inflation is to “inflate the money supply”. As with any other form of dilution (such as the printing of shares of companies), printing-up countless trillions in new currency dilutes the value of all currency – with the consequence being higher prices.

2)      Meanwhile, the U.S.’s 0% interest rates amount to nothing less than the serial-rape of all savers. They get virtually no “interest” on their banker-paper, while in the real world (i.e. the legitimate “statistics” which can be found at Shadowstats.com) inflation steals their wealth at nearly 10% per year.

Given these parameters, any/all sane investors have been given only one choice: get their wealth out of banker-paper (where it is stolen at the rate of nearly 10% per year) and into hard assets.

At one time, such a list of favored “hard assets” would have included real estate. However, the rapacious bankers and corrupt politicians have screwed-up our real estate markets so badly that only the real “speculators” are foolhardy enough to sink their cash into real estate as an “investment”.

This has essentially left commodities as the only refuge for any/all savers seeking to prevent the bankers from stealing all of their wealth with their excessive money-printing and near-zero interest rates. Obviously this makes the media’s campaign against “speculators” as malicious as it is mistaken.

In fact, if we want to find the real “speculators” we need only turn our gaze in the direction of New York. The insane, relentless speculating of the Wall Street vampires has already created $trillions in losses for their victims all over the world, while the biggest “bubble” created by these psychopathic speculators still hasn’t burst: the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble – a bubble more than twenty-times larger than the entire global economy. And yet the corrupt CFTC illegally refuses to implement the restrictions on this market which are required by law.

Media-liars will tell anyone who listens that “speculators” have created a “bubble” in the silver market. The facts conclusively indicate that this is false. With all bubbles the subsequent crash is always accompanied by an explosion in inventories. The U.S. housing market is a perfect illustration of this principle. At the time it was the largest asset-bubble in human history, and when the crash occurred the U.S. real estate market had more excess inventory than any real estate market in history.

Conversely, silver inventories/stockpiles have plummeted by 90% in recent decades (and are still falling). It is the most elementary of market logic to note that when we “run out” of anything that the price is bid-up due to scarcity (not “speculation”). Here again the facts are unequivocal: the collapse of silver inventories was 100% due to the decades of malicious “shorting” by the same Wall Street vampires.

Regular readers will have to bear with me one more time as I explain this elementary concept. Anything which is “under-priced” will be over-consumed. Price chocolate bars at 10 cents apiece, and in a couple of days store shelves will be stripped bare. The malicious shorting of silver by the Wall Street vampires drove the price of silver to a 600-year low. As a result, our silver inventories have totally evaporated. Case closed.

It is equally obvious that the corollary principal must also be true: just as excessively low prices were the cause of the destruction of silver inventories, higher prices are the only, possible “cure” – as they simultaneously stimulate more silver production, while dampening demand. These facts make it absolutely unequivocal that the CME Group’s “attack” on the silver market (through five rapid-fire hikes in margin requirements)  was entirely illegitimate.

The only possible way that global silver stockpiles can ever be rebuilt is through the much higher prices which are necessary to create equilibrium. It is in this respect that silver investors are not “speculators” – they are “conservationists”: protecting the tiny remnant of global silver stockpiles not yet destroyed by bankster-shorting.

Meanwhile, the media attacks on “speculators” continue unabated. The goal: to demonize commodities-investors in the eyes of the deluded masses, to punish then with malicious regulatory actions (like that perpetrated by the CME Group in both the silver and oil markets), and ultimately to try to bully these people into letting go of their (safe) commodities – and returning to banker-paper, where the bankers can then continue their relentless stealing-through-money-printing.

Hopefully this analysis will help simplify the daily reading for market participants. Any/every diatribe against “speculators” can simply be ignored for the worthless and malicious propaganda which it is. Commodities are not a “trap for speculators”, rather they are the last refuge for “savers”. Do not allow these “false-flag” attacks by the media (and so-called “regulators”) to deter you from your only hope for economic salvation.

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