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CPM Validates Imminent Comprehensive Silver Shortage Predictions

by Aaron Krowne

Nice try, CPM group.

In their latest made-for-Kitco statements directed at debunking “silver market conspiracy theorists”, CPM group accidentally bolsters the case that a silver shortage is developing and is likely to spread to the entire market (and the prevailing silver price).

In the remarks, CPM essentially admits there is shortage in investment silver products, but assures calm, because it hasn’t appeared in the industrial silver market.  Investment demand, which is the sector from which the demand spike is originating, does not consume silver in “sponge” form.

The fact that the shortage is manifesting mostly in investment-form silver, but not in industrial, is not at all surprising.

Things may appear “calm” right now (and no one is disputing that there is no industrial shortage — yet).  The real problem will be when new fabrication of investment silver does finally  ramp up more, and starts rapidly stealing feedstock from the industrial segment.  THEN it will start putting pressure on the industrial supply, hence creating price rises, in turn creating a feedback effect.

(Hey, maybe it has already started, especially with today’s $31.80 closing price).

So in fact, the condition described by the CPM group as occuring now is EXACTLY what you’d expect to see as a precursor to an all-out shortage.  As a “silver conspiracy theorist”, I bid you thanks, CPM group!

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  1. Good.

  2. Indeed.

  3. Ever hear of “The Pilgrims Society?” No? It should concern you, as this British Crown sponsored organization demonstrably controls the U.S. President, who can issue Executive Order nationalizing (stealing) gold and silver from the public, exactly as their member Franklin Roosevelt did in March 1933 and August 1934. This organization, founded due to the wills of South African diamond cartel organizer Cecil Rhodes, was set up to effect “the seizure of the wealth necessary” (Review of Reviews, May 1902, pp557-559) and uses government to steal wealth from the public. It is guilty of every major attack against silver and gold for over 100 years. 72,172 word free access documentary including leaked information.

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