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Housing Prices Are Falling Again. We Have a Moral Obligation to Embrace The Trend.

Since I began in August to forecast a continuation of falling values, frequently I met with anger, disbelief, myopia. This week I wanted to take a closer look. So I pulled out one of the best number sets, and applied my crude math in exactly the same way I always do, but I did a close up on five years of data before and after the peak. The result is the chart you see below.

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Default As A Patriotic Duty

The President of the Financial Crisis Stimulates Systemic Long-Term Unemployment. Consumer Advocates Attack Creation Of Affordable Housing. *** I read a mysterious statement the other day. “My data show that between 1890 and 1990 real home prices actually didn’t increase,” said Robert Shiller, in Newsweek (Dec 30, 2009), Why We’ll Always Have More Money Than […]

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Losses and Zombie Debt in Residential Mortgages Surpass $5 Trillion

Mortgage debt of $5.6 trillion is a bubble legacy and the most obvious source of a renewal of the financial crisis.

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