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The New Bankster ‘Weapon’ Against Gold/Silver

As we begin “the fourth phase” of this bull market for precious metals, the bullion banks, in clearly recognizing that they are now “fighting a losing battle”, have now resorted to a new tactic (or “weapon”) to attempt to forestall their defeat as long as possible: extreme volatility.

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Walker’s “Dying Economy” Resurrects Dead Argument

“It’s the monetary system, stupid” — not computers, eliminating employment opportunities.

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‘Unsinkable’ Gold

A solvency crisis is an economic nightmare several orders of magnitude worse than a mere deflation. In a solvency crisis, “deflation” implies nothing less than bankruptcy… In an ordinary deflation, “cash is king” (even arguably worthless paper currencies). However, in a solvency crisis “cash is trash” unless that cash is directly backed with precious metals.

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Why 2011 Is Not 2008

With many investors now having descended back to full-fledged “panic mode”, we explain why 2011 could never be another event like the Crash of ’08, as the nature of any such crash would be remarkably different.

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Buy A House With Silver

While we wait for our interest rates (and eventually our housing markets) to return to sanity, the obvious step for future-buyers to take today is to buy silver – to reduce the price they ultimately pay for a house to a small fraction of current prices… The more general point which I do wish to argue here is the necessity to look for new ways to express prices which are not dependent on/connected to the worthless paper currencies of Western bankers.

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The Two ‘Faces’ of U.S. Debt-Ceiling Deal

Mercifully, it appears that the U.S. debt-ceiling farce has finally ended – with an anti-climactic “thud”. It is only fitting that the two-faced regime which negotiated such an agreement should present us with a scenario which has two distinct interpretations.

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Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part II

… the decision by Western banking authorities to designate the national gold hoards of these nations as “collateral” for their (fraudulent) bond debts has two entirely different (and separate) motivations. If the gold still exists, then naming gold as collateral for debts which could never be repaid (and where default is imminent) is nothing less than the theft of these nations’ gold reserves.

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The Two Sides of Precious Metals Propaganda

Propaganda is a form of control. To maximize that “control” it is just as important to dominate the bullish commentary on precious metals as it is to “lead the choir” on the bearish side. Thus the propagandists are highly motivated to get you to believe them about what is “causing” gold and/or silver to go higher on days the metals are rallying.

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Central Banks Unanimously Prefer Gold Over Paper

(Despite what Bernanke says, ) all of the world’s foremost experts on “money” are showing a 100% preference for one kind of money: gold. The message from the world’s central bankers is absolutely unequivocal: only chumps would choose to hold paper over gold.

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Paper Bugs at BusinessInsider Attempt To Defend Bernanke

The problem with these anti-gold sentiments is, firstly, that they distract from the central issue with fiat currency: its structural (by design) inability to preserve value. In fact, that is why I prefer to call them a “currency” and not a “money”… [further, ] we actually now have, in some of the most important markets in the world, gold once again functioning as a medium of exchange. How quickly we forget the BIS gold swap intrigue from last year…

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