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Time to Safeguard Electronic Communications

The technological advancements outpacing legal updates now threaten our privacy, security and economic competitiveness. The Digital Due Process coalition (of which my center is a part) has taken the lead trying to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Although the ECPA was forward-thinking when passed a few decades ago, it’s long in the tooth now considering how quickly technology has evolved.

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Why Gold and Silver Have Declined

Kirbyanalytics subscribers received the following fast blast [in blue] appended below late Tuesday night, Jan. 25, 2011: The Thompson Reuters CRB index weighting has not changed since 2005. However, virtually all other commodities related indexes do rebalance in early Jan of every year. For instance the $CCI consists of 17 commodity constituents – with 5.88 […]

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ML-Implode Exclusive: Foreclosure Expert Mildred Wilkins Blasts Industry in “Fraudclosure” Report

In a new report entitled “The Title Crisis: Clouded at the Core”, Foreclosure Intervention Specialist (and former Fannie Mae Broker-Specialist) Mildred Wilkins lays out what is really going on underlying the “fraudclosure” scandal. The report is a response to bank and government propaganda that the crisis has been “looked into and resolved,” after the furor […]

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Kokesh: Rein in The Fed

The Federal Reserve is currently mandated to conduct monetary policy to maintain price stability and ensure full employment. It also regulates the largest financial institutions. By the basic principles of good government, if a program is not meeting its stated goals, it should be altered or abolished.

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ML-Implode Wins Reversal In NH Supreme Court Case; Re-Posts Materials on Mortgage Specialists’ Fraud

In a resounding ruling for free speech, the New Hampshire Supreme Court has reversed a superior court’s ruling ordering the Implode-o-Meter web site to take down contributed materials and divulge the identity of a whistleblower.

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Bring Criminal Charges Against Chief Executives of Leading Originators And Securitizers of Stated-Income Mortgages

The most notorious method for stealing burning squandering money in our real-estate-and-mortgage bubble was something called stated-income loans. The popular term now is liar loans. What does that mean?

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HAMP = Foreclosure

What are the options for a homeowner if HAMP is a fraud? The only real option that exists is to hire a competent attorney to fight for you. Even then, there are no guarantees. But, the Government and President Obama do not want you to do that. President Obama has publically stated that the lenders will work with you to do a good loan modification. He has also stated you should not hire a person to work on your behalf because lenders will do a modification for free. Yet, there are now stories in all 50 states where lenders are charging fees for loan modifications.

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States Cracking Down on Mortgage “Net Branches”

A director of compliance at a big time Dallas, TX mortgage bank told me recently a trend is developing that signals the end of the term “net branch” is near. States don’t want anything resembling a net branch or associated with “net branching” operating within their borders. Branch applications in many states, coming from HUD compliant mortgage bankers, that were previously approved 99.9% of the time, are being denied because the mortgage bank itself is associated slightly with term “net branching”.

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