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11 Important Points “Deflationists” Miss (And Why They’re Wrong)

by Aaron Krowne Founder, Many have generated ample prose lately in the latest rumble in the deflationist/inflationist street brawl (a debate still largely ignored by the mainstream media, which continues to broadcast little besides the “Carry On, All Is Fine” message).   So I won’t add any more to that prose.  But I did want […]

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Japanese Contemplations

by Aaron Krowne Some things to ponder regarding financial ramifications of the continuing disaster in Japan: As of today, the Bank of Japan has “quantitatively eased” (printed) $700 billion worth of new money into the Japanese financial markets to stabilize them. The worst rebuilding cost estimates I’ve heard to date are $60-120 billion equivalent. Isn’t […]

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Governments’ Fiat “Cash” Funds Do Not Merit Public’s Trust; Demonstrate Need For Sound Money Options

… despite the recent history of the subprime crisis, credit crunch, and economic downturn, most governments officials don’t seem to care, and still not more than a fraction of a percent of public funds are in classic sound money equivalents. Below I provide a brief history of money market/cash fund crises in the US, which undermines this insouciant attitude.

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China Embarks on “Five Year Plan” To Dump The Dollar

There has been a lot of well-meaning talk about the “threat” of China dumping the dollar, with precious little discussion of potential mechanisms. Here I expound on a a ZeroHedge piece that just came out announcing China’s expanded Yuan settlement facilities, which imply China is actually well underway on its path to explicitly driving the stake into the heart of the dollar once and for all. It is only a matter of time until we arrive at wholesale regime change for the dollar-dominated international trade system.

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CPM Validates Imminent Comprehensive Silver Shortage Predictions

In their latest made-for-Kitco statements directed at debunking “silver market conspiracy theorists”, CPM group accidentally bolsters the case that a silver shortage is developing and is likely to spread to the entire market (and the prevailing silver price).

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Yes Virginia, The Chinese CAN Dump The Dollar

I’m surprised how persistently I see the dubious assertion that the Chinese “can’t away from the dollar because they own so many of them”. A related argument is that they are “stuck in dollars because of the trade deficit”. They certainly can move away from the dollar, though, and to do so, all they need to do is keep doing what they are already doing, and they will soon be positioned for a major transition.

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