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Economic Justice Equals Prosperity

The Occupy Wall Street movement is the first, tentative step in a process which 2,000 years of history teaches us is absolutely inevitable. Whether it is this movement which (eventually) facilitates real, equitable changes in our economies, or whether it is ultimately replaced by something bigger and better, the “message” which these people are sending is simple: the pendulum of history has begun to swing back.

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Confessions of a Liquidity Junkie

…in the anti-rational world of the addict simply feeding the addiction is itself the sole “goal”. This epitomizes the words and actions of not only Mervyn King, but also Federal Reserve Chairman B.S. Bernanke and the dozens of other liquidity-junkies which have infested Europe’s monetary system.

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What the Lamestream Media has Missed: Occupy Wall Street Is a Memo To Obama And The Establishment

The smooth arc from the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street, and how the establishment and the media have put themselves on the wrong side of history.

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The Great Commodities Heist

Bankrupt and near-bankrupt Western governments are stealing billions of dollars worth of various commodities from commodity-producers around the world… There can be no rational/economic explanation for the severe plunges in commodity prices other than the fraudulent manipulation of markets.

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Volatility Does Not Equal Risk

Unfortunately, virtually the entire realm of business “journalism” regularly sabotages any discussion of risk by mixing-in issues of volatility… yet over the long term, volatility is nearly irrelevant. Implications for the practical investor … and anyone trying to save any wealth whatsoever.

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Does Anyone Else Find This Disturbing? (Money Supply Spiking)

The US money supply started spiking when you weren’t looking. So what does it mean?

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The New Bankster ‘Weapon’ Against Gold/Silver

As we begin “the fourth phase” of this bull market for precious metals, the bullion banks, in clearly recognizing that they are now “fighting a losing battle”, have now resorted to a new tactic (or “weapon”) to attempt to forestall their defeat as long as possible: extreme volatility.

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Walker’s “Dying Economy” Resurrects Dead Argument

“It’s the monetary system, stupid” — not computers, eliminating employment opportunities.

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Salvation For Western Pension Funds

The days when Western pension fund administrators could draw fat salaries for serial-failure are over (one way or the other). Allowing these pseudo-professionals to remain on their present course will result in nothing less than mass-bankruptcies throughout our pension systems (shortly followed by riots in the streets).

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Western ‘Pension Crisis’ Reflects Investment Incompetence

Proving that you can always “make a bad situation worse”, the administrators of pension funds have also mirrored the incompetence of most mainstream financial advisors – who have gone from being architects of “wealth creation” to the implements of “wealth destruction”.

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