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Amaranth Kill Shot: Collateral Damage in a 78-Trillion Dollar Derivatives Book Compliments of J.P. Morgan Chase

You see folks, when you are printing money like a banshee and telling the world that inflation is running at 2 % – you don’t want interlopers with deep pockets – like Amaranth – bidding the price of strategic commodities like natural gas – UP.

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11 Important Points “Deflationists” Miss (And Why They’re Wrong)

by Aaron Krowne Founder, Many have generated ample prose lately in the latest rumble in the deflationist/inflationist street brawl (a debate still largely ignored by the mainstream media, which continues to broadcast little besides the “Carry On, All Is Fine” message).   So I won’t add any more to that prose.  But I did want […]

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Full Spectrum Dominance: The Pathology of U.S. and Global Monetary Policy

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how the Federal Reserve – through its proxy money centre banks – has taken complete control of the interest rate complex enabling them to arbitrarily price capital at or near zero. This has only been possible with accommodation of the ruling elite who mutually benefit from these policies.

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Why What The Fed’s Doing is Inflationary

Why, Bernanke’s denials notwithstanding, the Fed’s “Quantitative Easing” is definitely inflationary “money printing”.

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New housing crash trend and obvious severe risks in 15 key charts

The U.S. housing market is riddled with massive risks which will almost certainly lower prices.

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Best They Can Do

We have some experience with what to expect, and it squares with the common sense notion that the tax credit is pulling house purchase demand from the future. When the first homesucker’s credit expired last year, purchase demand collapsed. That tax credit program applied only to first time buyers. This one applies to everyone, not just first timers. The demand vacuum following the expiration of this program should be even more extreme, and last longer.

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