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Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part III

In this installment I will focus on the second strategy for completing the looting of Europe. It is a mere two-word phrase, and arguably the most-odious two-word combination in the realm of 21st century economics: “loss guarantees”. It is the ultimate form of “welfare” for both the banker Oligarchs and the bond parasites

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Dinosaurs, Dodo Birds, Wooly Mammoths, and Free Markets

Connecting the dots of recent revelations of the Fed’s market manipulations jointly with the money center banks amidst the bailouts, as well as the public oil market manipulation, with evidence of long-running gold and silver markets manipulations and interest rate manipulation through derivatives.

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Fiscal Suicide, Part II: A Swirling Motion

Medicare cuts (or lack thereof), government-sourced personal income, emergency loans to the states, and more. Russ discusses how it is hard to see how we’ll get by without some of this being renewed — and none of it is factored into the deficit projections.

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Fiscal Suicide; The Point of No Return

The bottom line here is that the gravy train of no accountability, no consequences spending is over.

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The Real Reason Hitting The Debt Limit May Mean Social Security Checks Stop

This one may not be about politics: there is a good legal and economic reason Social Security is put in jeopardy by hitting the debt limit.

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Economic Forecasts: Lies or Idiocy? Part II

The immediate propaganda objective of pretending that there is a “U.S. economic recovery” underway has nearly exhausted its own shelf-life. Undoubtedly there will be a new initiative which replaces it – with the twin objectives of attempting to preserve the banksters’ paper empire while continuing to deceive and placate the masses. I can only hope that when the next barrage begins that the timeless wisdom of Shakespeare will help to shield readers from its insidious effects.

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Bankers Declare War on Commodities

The only rational response to the plunge in the price of oil for other commodities markets would have been for them all to rally sharply. The fact that commodities did not rally (but in fact moved sharply lower) indicates that it is in fact the bankers who were behind this assault on the oil market. This can be demonstrated in more than one way.

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The False-Flag Attacks on ‘Speculators’

The media attacks on “speculators” continue unabated. The goal: to demonize commodities-investors in the eyes of the deluded masses, to punish then with malicious regulatory actions (like that perpetrated by the CME Group in both the silver and oil markets), and ultimately to try to bully these people into letting go of their (safe) commodities – and returning to banker-paper, where the bankers can then continue their relentless stealing-through-money-printing.

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Growth in Despair the Only U.S. ‘Growth’

Now, as the U.S. economy is quite obviously turning lower again, Americans are finally shedding their “rose-coloured glasses” and beginning to view the U.S. economic nightmare for what it really is. That conclusion is strongly reinforced by the following statistics…

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Perpetual Inflation: The Stealth Source of Our Economic Problems

The most serious flaw in most analyses of the financial crisis the failure to correctly see the various causes put forth as the outcome of a single fundamental factor: the Federal Reserve and its permanent and perpetual policy of inflation.

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