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Central Banks Unanimously Prefer Gold Over Paper

(Despite what Bernanke says, ) all of the world’s foremost experts on “money” are showing a 100% preference for one kind of money: gold. The message from the world’s central bankers is absolutely unequivocal: only chumps would choose to hold paper over gold.

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Fiscal Suicide, Part II: A Swirling Motion

Medicare cuts (or lack thereof), government-sourced personal income, emergency loans to the states, and more. Russ discusses how it is hard to see how we’ll get by without some of this being renewed — and none of it is factored into the deficit projections.

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Paper Bugs at BusinessInsider Attempt To Defend Bernanke

The problem with these anti-gold sentiments is, firstly, that they distract from the central issue with fiat currency: its structural (by design) inability to preserve value. In fact, that is why I prefer to call them a “currency” and not a “money”… [further, ] we actually now have, in some of the most important markets in the world, gold once again functioning as a medium of exchange. How quickly we forget the BIS gold swap intrigue from last year…

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The Real Reason Hitting The Debt Limit May Mean Social Security Checks Stop

This one may not be about politics: there is a good legal and economic reason Social Security is put in jeopardy by hitting the debt limit.

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Federal Withholding Tax Data Says US Already In Recession

Lee Adler looks at tax withholding data and finds an ominous sign that the economy may have dipped into recession again. See his charts and arguments and decide if you want to believe the Mainstream Financial Media or your own lying eyes!

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New Rules For Western Banks, Same Hypocrisy

The “extra capital” which (some) U.S. banks will be forced to implement over a period of seven years under the new “Basel II” accord would all be 100% consumed (plus much more) if U.S. housing prices fall even 1% more

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Bankers Declare War on Commodities

The only rational response to the plunge in the price of oil for other commodities markets would have been for them all to rally sharply. The fact that commodities did not rally (but in fact moved sharply lower) indicates that it is in fact the bankers who were behind this assault on the oil market. This can be demonstrated in more than one way.

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Precious Metals and Currency Dilution

Should the experts in our markets spot a company which is printing-up new shares at an excessive rate, these analysts will tell you to dump that stock faster than you can hit the “sell” button on your trading platform. And they won’t hesitate to tell you that only a “fool” would hang onto a company which is undermining shareholder value in that manner. Yet when these same experts watch Ben Bernanke running the Federal Reserve’s printing-press “white hot” year after year after year, at any given time roughly half of these clowns will be advising people to “buy dollars”.

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The Real Truth on U.S. Phantom-Jobs

In terms of the “unemployment rate”, the numbers are unequivocal: the percentage of employable Americans who are without jobs continues to go up every month – due to the combined effect of the still extremely high weekly lay-offs, plus the fact that the number of “new jobs” doesn’t come close to even matching the growth in population.

We’ve already been through this charade in the U.S. housing market. Again we were told by countless media talking-heads and “experts” (on countless occasions) that the U.S. housing market had “bottomed” in 2009. These shills even had the audacity to claim there was a “recovery” taking place in the U.S. housing market – as opposed to merely a “dead-cat bounce” after the worst real estate crash in the history of the U.S. economy. Returning to the real world, we have now seen U.S. housing prices plunge through that supposed “bottom”, meaning that even the propagandists have been forced to abandon their lie about a “recovery” in this sector of the economy.

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Hyperinflation Warning for U.S.

It is at this point that we can now analyze why the U.S. is more vulnerable to hyperinflation (and will be harmed much worse by it) than any other Western economy. While the U.S. has previously only experienced the benefits of having the world’s reserve currency, it has now brought itself to the point where it will experience the drawbacks of that role.

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