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SLV And Silver Manipulation

JP Morgan is the largest silver short-seller in the history of the world. JP Morgan is the “custodian” for the largest “long” silver fund in the history of the world, making this one of the largest conflicts of interest in all of history.

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Preemptive Strike Against Precious Metals Nears End

While we all know never to say “never” in this market, it appears that the latest operation has neared its expiry date. Put another way, it does not appear feasible that the investment community could remain “witless” enough not to fathom the impact of more, massive money-printing.

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The Great Commodities Heist

Bankrupt and near-bankrupt Western governments are stealing billions of dollars worth of various commodities from commodity-producers around the world… There can be no rational/economic explanation for the severe plunges in commodity prices other than the fraudulent manipulation of markets.

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Volatility Does Not Equal Risk

Unfortunately, virtually the entire realm of business “journalism” regularly sabotages any discussion of risk by mixing-in issues of volatility… yet over the long term, volatility is nearly irrelevant. Implications for the practical investor … and anyone trying to save any wealth whatsoever.

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Salvation For Western Pension Funds

The days when Western pension fund administrators could draw fat salaries for serial-failure are over (one way or the other). Allowing these pseudo-professionals to remain on their present course will result in nothing less than mass-bankruptcies throughout our pension systems (shortly followed by riots in the streets).

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‘Unsinkable’ Gold

A solvency crisis is an economic nightmare several orders of magnitude worse than a mere deflation. In a solvency crisis, “deflation” implies nothing less than bankruptcy… In an ordinary deflation, “cash is king” (even arguably worthless paper currencies). However, in a solvency crisis “cash is trash” unless that cash is directly backed with precious metals.

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Watch Gold/Silver/Oil Price Ratios

In this piece, I will explain to people how staying on top of the price ratios between gold and oil, silver and oil, and silver and gold will allow us to make much better buying/selling decisions on the gold and silver miners, as well as making more optimal decisions in allocating our bullion dollars between gold and silver.

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Why 2011 Is Not 2008

With many investors now having descended back to full-fledged “panic mode”, we explain why 2011 could never be another event like the Crash of ’08, as the nature of any such crash would be remarkably different.

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Buy A House With Silver

While we wait for our interest rates (and eventually our housing markets) to return to sanity, the obvious step for future-buyers to take today is to buy silver – to reduce the price they ultimately pay for a house to a small fraction of current prices… The more general point which I do wish to argue here is the necessity to look for new ways to express prices which are not dependent on/connected to the worthless paper currencies of Western bankers.

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Dinosaurs, Dodo Birds, Wooly Mammoths, and Free Markets

Connecting the dots of recent revelations of the Fed’s market manipulations jointly with the money center banks amidst the bailouts, as well as the public oil market manipulation, with evidence of long-running gold and silver markets manipulations and interest rate manipulation through derivatives.

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