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Lee Adler is the editor and publisher of the Wall Street Examiner, and the Wall Street Examiner Professional Edition, a membership based newsletter for sophisticated traders and investors. He also runs the world renowned Stool Pigeons Wire message board at, where his alter ego, Dr. Stepan N. Stool the stock proctologist, informs, entertains, and annoys readers.

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Retail Sales Data, Tell Me Another Joke

The reported rise in retail salesĀ  this morning had the media had in a full throated bull chorale. Boomberg breathlessly screamed: Gains in U.S. Retail Sales Ease Concern Recovery Will Cool!!! OhmyGOD! U.S. Stocks Extend Global Rally on Retail Sales!!! BUY STOCKS NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!! and Marketipwatch blared Bernanke Says There Will Be […]

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True Lies

Lies Lies Lies Boobberg– Fewer Americans than anticipated filed claims for jobless benefits last week, signaling the worst employment slump in the post-World War II era is easing as the economy expands. Marketwretch– The number of people filing initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell by 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 502,000 in the week […]

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Manipulation is Good

I think that the problem many of us still have is in attempting to make sense of the market in terms of the economy. This is not wise. The stock market has absolutely nothing to do with the economy. I wrote this in a postĀ  on The Stool Pigeons Wire Message Board in response to […]

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