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Patrick Pulatie is the CEO of LFI Analytics. He can be reached at 925-522-0371, or 925-238-1221 for further information.,

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FDIC – Indymac – OneWest Reimbursement

At the beginning of Dec, 09, I wrote an article detailing the “Sweetheart buy viagra pill Deal” that the FDIC gave to OneWest Bank to buy the assets on Indymac. The article described the reimbursement details whereby a failed portfolio loan would result in reimbursement rates of either 80% or 95% of the losses, based […]

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Securitization – A Primer

Most people have heard the term “securitization” in media reports about the Housing Crisis. Some even know that securitization involved the selling of mortgage loans to Wall Street. But beyond that, most people have no clue as to what Securitization really is.

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Predatory Loan Modifications

I would wager to say that you have seen nothing like this presented before. That is because most so-called audit firms have not got a clue about what they are doing. They simply buy TILA/RESPA software so as to determine if the disclosure requirements were met. They have NO UNDERSTANDING of Predatory Lending and what can be offered by competent persons doing such exams.

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Eastern Savings Bank In The Crosshairs

The Law Firm taking action against Eastern Savings Bank is considering a major Class Action Lawsuit. It is expected to involve hundreds of plaintiffs, and since it would be in Federal Court, may allow for Plaintiffs from all 50 states. Those who currently have Eastern loans, and those who had the loans and refinanced, and those who were foreclosed upon would all likely qualify for this action.

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Internet Foreclosure "Myths"

I receive phone calls daily and weekly from homeowners who have read these from sites, and are thinking that if they just do one thing or another, their problems will “magically” disappear. Others are Pro Se litigants, doing their own lawsuits instead of hiring attorneys. They want me to review their filings, advise them where they are wrong, or do Predatory Lending Examinations. I refuse to do this because I will not work with a person who does not have an attorney, and I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice. The sad part is that in their filings, I can immediately spot so many errors that it is obvious that they should just start packing to move.

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HAMP = Foreclosure

What are the options for a homeowner if HAMP is a fraud? The only real option that exists is to hire a competent attorney to fight for you. Even then, there are no guarantees. But, the Government and President Obama do not want you to do that. President Obama has publically stated that the lenders will work with you to do a good loan modification. He has also stated you should not hire a person to work on your behalf because lenders will do a modification for free. Yet, there are now stories in all 50 states where lenders are charging fees for loan modifications.

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