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Michael White is the CEO of The New Mortgage Company. He has seventeen years in real estate as lender, owner, and mortgage originator. He has purchased and sold more than 275 properties for his own account, made hundreds of real estate loans for his portfolio, and originated hundreds of mortgages as a broker.

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November home sales moved barely above the worst crash readings

Sales moved barely above the worst crash readings in November as the last five months have all registered in the Top 10 of demand weakness.

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New housing crash trend and obvious severe risks in 15 key charts

The U.S. housing market is riddled with massive risks which will almost certainly lower prices.

4Dec2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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A Mammoth One in Five Borrowers Will Default

A leading mortgage analyst predicts over 11 million homeowners will default and lose their home if the government fails to take more radical intervention.

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HousingStory predicts a nine percent fall in property prices nationwide in 2010

We make the call for a new decline in prices despite positive signals of higher prices including a gain of seven percent nationwide by Case-Shiller 10-City index from its post-crash bottom in April 2009.

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Pending Home Sales Reconfirm the Market is Crashing

Three months of readings after the end of free down-payments, the inventory of purchase contracts rose just 5.25%. The inventory is still is at a record low with the exception of the two previous months – each of which were record lows in themselves.

3Sep2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Inventory Explodes Past the Worst of the Housing Crash

Soft demand for existing homes pushed up inventory to a record 12.5 months of sales and easily broke the previous high of 11.3 months scored in April 2008. By this basic measure, the price of homes may reasonably be expected to fall at the most torrential pace seen during our four-year-old crash.

25Aug2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Five Stages of America’s Housing Bubble

The method to extricate ourselves from housing madness.

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The Aftermath of the Global Housing Bubble Chokes the World Banking System. Only a Coordinated Loan Massacre Could Defeat a Japanese-Style Dead-and-Dying-of-Debt Kamikaze. Hell Approaches Us All, But Only For An Extended Period.

Sometimes the complexity of the world is a ruse, and seeing the overwhelming future of our fortunes is strangely simple. Our past and future credit crisis is but one case in point.

28Jul2010 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Pending Homes Sales Crash in a Record Fall to a Record Low as Tax Break Expires. The MSM Misses It.

So here’s the news for you now, a week late, but new to the marketplace of ideas. Pending-home sales now stand below the worst numbers we have seen since the housing crash started in 2006. The rubber bands and duct tape are breaking apart. Presume the fix of a fall is in.

9Jul2010 | | 6 comments | Continued
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The Scariest Financial Chart of the United States Bar None

INVENTORY / Units For Sale vs. Delinquent Mortgages — Arguably the key gauge of our economy, this chart shows high-distress among the owners of real estate with “X” = (delinquent units + for sale units). Look at the massive gap between “X” and “Z” – monthly unit sales, and tell me anybody can predict where prices are going. The gap frightens all sentient beings and makes a fool of any person who predicts future prices.

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