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Fiscal Suicide; The Point of No Return

The bottom line here is that the gravy train of no accountability, no consequences spending is over.

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The False-Flag Attacks on ‘Speculators’

The media attacks on “speculators” continue unabated. The goal: to demonize commodities-investors in the eyes of the deluded masses, to punish then with malicious regulatory actions (like that perpetrated by the CME Group in both the silver and oil markets), and ultimately to try to bully these people into letting go of their (safe) commodities – and returning to banker-paper, where the bankers can then continue their relentless stealing-through-money-printing.

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Perpetual Inflation: The Stealth Source of Our Economic Problems

The most serious flaw in most analyses of the financial crisis the failure to correctly see the various causes put forth as the outcome of a single fundamental factor: the Federal Reserve and its permanent and perpetual policy of inflation.

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11 Important Points “Deflationists” Miss (And Why They’re Wrong)

by Aaron Krowne Founder, Many have generated ample prose lately in the latest rumble in the deflationist/inflationist street brawl (a debate still largely ignored by the mainstream media, which continues to broadcast little besides the “Carry On, All Is Fine” message).   So I won’t add any more to that prose.  But I did want […]

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The purpose of this article is to draw particular attention to the recent disparity in crude oil prices – namely the difference between two benchmarks – West Texas Intermediate [WTI] and Brent [North Sea] Crude. Historically the price of WTI trades at a premium to lesser quality Brent North Sea Crude. This paper lays out […]

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November home sales moved barely above the worst crash readings

Sales moved barely above the worst crash readings in November as the last five months have all registered in the Top 10 of demand weakness.

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Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser (On JP Morgan Silver Manipulation)

How many of you have noticed the change in news? The flavor of the news has markedly “changed” in the past 4 or 5 months – have you noticed it? Who has picked up on the likes of Fox News’ Glen Beck and his ‘about face’ on many key issues. Over the past number of months personalities like Beck have completely reversed their positions on subjects like the existence of World Government and FEMA CAMPS – going from complete denial to admitting they exist and the fact that they are intended for the American people.

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In Bizarre Ruling, Maryland Court Denies Anti-SLAPP Motion Against Downpayment Launderer

In what is sure to go down in free speech history as a gross error, if not a blatant miscarriage of justice, has been denied its motion for anti-SLAPP dismissal in the Maryland lawsuit, Russell vs. Krowne (et al.) (a-k-a Global Direct Sales and The Penobscot Indian Tribe vs. Implode-Explode Heavy Industries, Inc./ The […]

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Realtors Forecast End of Falling Prices While Inventory For-Sale Approaches Peak Crash Levels

New Observations estimates excess inventory for sale equals 1.4 million units with over 4-million homes on-the-block, a figure hovering just 11 percent below peak-crash inventory, while at the very same time the realtors’ chief economist forecast Monday that “the housing price correction appears essentially over.” A respectable 521,000 units sold in April, yet inventory for […]

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FDIC – Indymac – OneWest Reimbursement

At the beginning of Dec, 09, I wrote an article detailing the “Sweetheart buy viagra pill Deal” that the FDIC gave to OneWest Bank to buy the assets on Indymac. The article described the reimbursement details whereby a failed portfolio loan would result in reimbursement rates of either 80% or 95% of the losses, based […]

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